The WonderWinners Best of février 2019

February saw some great song releases and so we have rounded up our Top 10 based on lyrics. To listen to any of our featured tracks check out our 'The WonderWinners Best of February 2019' playlist on Spotify here:

Read on to discover our Best Of February 2019...

Ormstons - Can’t Take Your Call

Released: 01/02/19


“Everyday’s the same,

You’re running back and forth,

Do you ever feel like you’re alone?

Hello, is anybody there?

Sorry you’ve reached the answerphone.”

“Do you wanna hang with the cool kids?

Do you wanna be a part of this team?

Does it feel so hard to come by?”

“If you wanna hang with us you gotta play the game where the odds are 100 to 1,

Forget about yourself, you’ll throw it all away,

It’s a hell of a life with us.”

The Specials - Breaking Point

(From Album 'Encore')

Released: 01/02/19


“I'm here at breaking point, mind and body tired,

Those plans for happiness have all expired,

The sales pitch from door to door,

Says feed the rich and hang the poor,

Twinkle twinkle, little star,

Point me to the nearest bar,

I’ll drown my sorrows with the rest,

Do your worst, I'll do my best,

Here I am, at breaking point.”

“Heavy is the load of a creature ill-disposed,

Of a man who finds the end before the start,

It breaks your heart.”

“Stand with me at breaking point as riots hit the streets,

Another toppled government will make the day complete,

There goes another border, here comes a new world order,

It’s time to call it quits before the future hits.”

Faux Pas - TV Made Me Paranoid

Released: 01/02/19


“I won’t like you when you’re thirty,

I won’t kiss you when you’re small,

And if you’ll please hear me dying,

I won’t eat and you can’t sleep,

As we touch you wait to scream.”

“Come and find me I’m for sale,

I can make you feel again,

But you never do,

What do I deserve to say.”

“If I had the guts,

If I had some guts,

If I had the guts to say.”

Vinyl Staircase - On The Radio

Released: 07/02/19


“We were set in stone,

We were set in stone, it felt so fine,

We stood in line,

For the show,

On the radio.”

“Standing in the pouring rain,

With you here I can’t complain oh no.”

“On the radio,

They played Pop Crimes,

I had some time,

But I had to go."

Fontaines D.C. - Big

Released: 07/02/19


“Dublin in the rain is mine,

A pregnant city with a catholic mind,

Starch those sheets for the birdhouse jail

All mescaline when the past is stale, pale,

Dublin in the rain is mine,

A pregnant city with a catholic mind,

Slick little boy with a mind of Ritz,

Pulling that thread for the next big fix, this.”

“My childhood was small,

My childhood was small,

But I'm gonna be big,

But I'm gonna be big.”

“Dublin in the rain is mine,

A loose ambassador for all that crime.”

Larkins - TV Dream

Released: 15/02/19


“There’s demons in our mind,

And they scream when it’s too bright,

We’re animals in costume,

Tonight we’re dressed in white,

I need to get the words out,

Poetry ain’t dead yet,

It ain’t dead yet."

“I wanna take you dancing,

I wanna paint the street,

Take my lungs if you need to breathe,

Take my heart if you need to beat.

I wanna take you dancing,

Like on a silver screen,

Still young,

We were born into a TV dream.”

“When the world has its lost its mind,

With plastic love with space and time,

Will boys and girls still play the same,

The news will say we’ll all be fine.”

Avenoir - Orpheus & Eurydice

Released: 20/02/19


“Look down the telescope,

And there was the moon, welcoming 3 to 2,

See nothing, say nothing anyways,

Because it was a lie.”

“You’ve taken a life from me,

It’s not just a game to me,

But you’re playing it all night,

To take it all for free.”

“And all it was a tool for you,

Use it for something new,

But you threw it all away,

And give me all the blame.”

Circa Waves - Times Won’t Change Me

Released: 20/02/19


“I heard it coming,

In every thunder I wonder how,

The sky is falling,

And every morning,

I say these times won't change me now.”

“We cut the corners,

Cut the labels from our necks,

If God is coming,

Well, God can save us.”

“I heard it coming,

Unpack the pictures from the shelves,

I kept the sunset to myself,

'Cause these times won't change me now.”

Thelma Ball - I Could Be Happy

Released: 22/02/19


“I felt so smart and yet so very small,

And now I don’t feel there at all,

Perhaps I’m not as smart as I thought.”

“It’s okay,

You drink your milk,

You’re alright now,

Get away,

From yourself,

I used to say.”

“The ground’s so dry I’m scared that it could crack,

And then you go and say a thing like that,

Oh no I think my cloud is turning black.”

Toby Charles - Gracie

(From EP 'Spaces In Between)

Released: 22/02/19


"Gracie please, could you loosen your grip around me for a minute?

Because I can't breathe, need a second to step back so I can see in your eyes.”

“And oh you're so fickle sometimes,

Fall in love only to turn around and change your mind.

A wicked smile shines on your face,

When you're thinking up one of your silly little games.

Well I don't want to play.”

“Now you're taking some time to figure out just what you want,

Taking some time to figure out where you went wrong,

Now you're taking some time to figure out you're on your own,

Taking some time to figure out where you went wrong.”

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